Ayer Hangat Village

Nature’s unique health spa

About half an hour away from the main activity area of Pantai Cenang is a place of complete relaxation. Ayer Hangat Village is a most unique saltwater hot water spring. Not only is it one of only eight saltwater hot springs found around the world, it is the only one surrounded by wetlands on a tropical island.

Science will say that the geothermal rocks formed at the bottom of the island is what caused the hot water springs but the legend of two feuding families during a wedding, hurling pots, pans and a giant pitcher of boiling water that landed on the ground to create the hot water spring, is definitely more fascinating.

Visitors to the Ayer Hangat Village, can walk through a traditional Langkawi house where there are scheduled cultural shows and pottery making classes. Once past the house, visitors will have a choice of three main areas to enjoy the saltwater hot springs.

The first, at the set of small soaking pools called ‘Telaga Betina’ or the Female Wells. This is where the water is calmer and isn’t too hot. There are a set of benches where the water from the Telaga Betina is streamed through for larger groups to enjoy.

Don’t be alarmed by what looks like floating bits of dirt and grime, it is actually algae and it is naturally occurring. It acts as a moisturiser and has healing properties – especially good for those with minor skin conditions including dry skin, eczema and rashes.

The second set of wells is called ‘Telaga Jantan’ or the Male Wells. These are set out in the open where visitors can enjoy a view of the wetlands surrounding the saltwater ponds. Here the water is ‘harsher’, greener from the higher concentration of algae and hotter – the temperature naturally hovers between 38oC to 42oC, helps to soothe those with gout and joint aches.

The third area houses 12 private Jacuzzis, for those wanting a more full bodied experience.

The Telaga Ayer Hangat is just a short visit away but a wonderful experience to calm the tired mind, to soothe the aching feet and total body rejuvenating soak in the hot saltwater Jacuzzi.

Benefits of a good soak at Ayer Hangat Village

Algae is one of the go to ingredients in beauty products. It is a powerful moisturiser, helps to reduce acne and has anti-ageing properties. The naturally occurring algae at Ayer Hangat Village acts as a moisturiser for those with very dry skin, eczema and other minor skin conditions

Soaking the feet in hot water helps to remove tiredness and aches. The constant temperature of the wells at Ayer Hangat Village maintains the healing properties throughout the soak. That constant temperature cannot be replicated at home.

Saltwater bath and soaking has been acknowledged to detoxify the body, relieve rheumatologic aches, is an antibacterial for the skin, helps to heal wounds and to soothe sports injuries and just as a way to relax the body.
At Ayer Hangat Village, the three properties are combined and are all naturally occurring, increasing its benefits and healing properties.

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